Reload Project Weekly Update


Dec 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Exchange Report

With the recent addition of being listed on Graviex and Altmarkets, we finally were able to begin trading again, however trading has been minimal. I encourage those placing sells at the bottom to retract their sales by .1 or .2 sats. when we keep our sells at the bottom it is difficult to gain traction.

Graviex Faucet

Indy has created a faucet on GravieX for Reload. The goal was to determine if a faucet will bring people into the project or if it will just further devalue the coin.

Swap Platform

We are currently working on a swap platform. A swap platform has multiple uses. First it will allow us to assist projects that have been abandoned by allowing us to swap their worthless coins for coins in the Reload project. Please note that all coins given away in any swap are currently coming from privately held coins and not from the project premine. we hope to have a preview of the site ready for the next update.

In the future we aim to integrate an exchange API. This would allow the use of other forms of crypto to purchase reload inside of a game.

Game Project

Over the last year we have talked to multiple game developers. While they have all expressed interest none have decided to work with us on the project.

Orginal artwork done by Justin Nichol

Alpha515 has taken on the task of coding the scripts for a sandbox style internet based game. Indy has taken on the job of creative design.

We will be creating a room in the discord to show the ideas for the game and the progress.

Please understand this will be a slow process, much like you we have day jobs and families to attend to as well.

Game Report

Along with the swap platform we will be integrating games into the website, further integrating Reload into the gaming world and working towards our end goal.

Additional information will be announced in future updates.

Use Cases…

Due to our low volume and price point, has disabled $RLD as a payment method. I am a big proponent of their service and we are working hard on restoring the ability to pay for the upgraded subscription using Reload.

However, take comfort in knowing that $RLD can still be used as a payment method on the MCPC Marketplace. Their you can purchase real world items paying in $RLD. Speaking of which, the holidays are right around the corner if yous haven’t completed all your shopping just yet.

We will be adding more use cases as we achieve them.

As always, if you have a suggestion for a game or other idea please notify us on our social media platforms (listed below).

About Reload

To find out more about Reload please visit our other social channels.





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