Reload Project Weekly Update

Jan 2 · 4 min read


Hello Reloaders! We wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your support this past year, we hope that you had a wonderful and safe holiday. Since the holidays are not just about looking forward but also about looking back we decided to do a little recap of 2019.

Reload end of year review

We launched in March of 2019, since then we were able to list with Escodex (which eventually closed) where we maintained a small volume. Reload was listed as a method of payment for the MCPC Marketplace where you can purchase goods using Reload (RLD) as the method of payment.

We were also listed on the following shared node service sites:

  • Blastx-Nodes
  • Blockfolio
  • Coingecko
  • Coin paprika
  • Dextro
  • Delta
  • Gentarium
  • iHostmn
  • MonitorNode
  • MyCryptoStats
  • Mnroi
  • Pecunia Platform

iHostmn reached out to us and asked if we would like to be the first currency listed on their exchange page, in which we honorably agreed to bringing us to being listed on two exchanges.

Then Escodex decided to close, bringing us back to one exchange. we then were able to list both on Altmarkets and Graviex exchanges. Reload is available in the following pairs on both aforementioned exchanges.


We reached out to a few developers but were not able to come to an agreement with any. This did not deter us from working towards our goal of becoming a game currency. Reload aims to be a full fledged game currency not just another play and pay coin.

While we grew in our listings, we did not implement a marketing scheme as we want to have a solid foundation before inviting everyone in. Late in the year we did decide to test the waters with an invite contest but it was cancelled due to lack of participation which is ok with us as an invite contest was not our primary mission, we believe in a slow steady growth of a working product rather than a quick growth with empty promises.

Keeping our goals in mind, we set out to create our own games using Reload (RLD) as the currency. As a start we launched a tipping bot to our Discord server as well as BeepBop, a bot that can monitor games and reward for certain achievements. We also implemented Coinflip and Rock Paper Scissors.

We started our work on our swap system, which will allow investors left holding coins of abandoned or dead projects with the ability to swap for Reload. This site will also act as a psuedo web wallet and will act as the interface to using Reload as the currency for games.

The year ahead…

The swap platform will soon be ready for the first round of testing. We will be picking 5–10 community members to help test it.

We will continue the implementation of the site, begin swaps and launch a simple shooter style game with the focus showing how Reload will be a great use as a game currency which we can then market to game developers.

Now for the update {Finally :)}

Exchange Report

No new updates

Game Project

We are moving forward with testing different types of games. Alpha515 has designed a game to help test moving coins into the game. This game will be available for testing with the Swap Platform.

Masternode Hosting Options

The links for masternode hosting are on the #🔗official-links page. BlastX and Dextro have now fixed their issue with server slot creation. The system will now automatically create the slot(s) on demand.

Use Case

MCPC Marketplace where you can purchase goods using Reload (RLD) as the method of payment.

White Paper

The white paper is 90% finished and needs to be reviewed. Once that has happened it will be posted. It is the belief of this team that while the white paper shows the vision of a project, it is a living document and may need updating as the project matures.

Current Games

  • Duck Hunt
  • Taco Shack
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Coin Flip

As we look forward to the upcoming year and start of a new decade, we want to thank you again for your continued support of Reload.

About Reload

To find out more about Reload please visit our other social channels.





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