Reload Project Weekly Update


Jan 16 · 2 min read

Be Brave Little Reloaders…. Be Brave

This week Reload was listed as a Brave Verified Creator!
All tips received from our fans will be put towards project development. If you aren’t using the awesome Brave browser you can download it here.

Site Updates

This week we have been busy working on both our general site and also getting the swap site ready to go, squishing a few bugs and making the look a little prettier. Updates

Looking at the site it occurred to us that the site looked stale. We like you, have very busy lives and do sometimes forget to update the first thing that people see (our website) when researching new projects. With this in mind we decided to now scan the medium API for our weekly updates and post the last three onto our site so it is always fresh and relative to both existing and new-combers.

SwapSite Updates

The following items were added to the swap site, which will be available in the next few weeks.

  • Added Discord login authentication
  • Added ability to add and monitor your Reload masternodes.
  • Implemented rules for sending RLD out
  • Squished bugs for the swap page
  • Changed some of the graphics to be a little more appealing

Exchange News

While trading has increased on Graviex, we still maintained a low volume of activity on Altmarkets. This low volume has caused us to lose the RLD/ETH pair, so now we are left with just RLD/BTC and RLD/LTC on Altmarkets.

About Reload

To find out more about Reload please visit our other social channels.





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