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Seems our member would prefer that we only send out updates once a month, so this is beginning today we will honor that. We will post at the beginning of each month. If there is a major announcement to be made, that will be made at the applicable time.

Exchange News

While there isn’t any new news to be added about the exchanges, I do want to take a second of your time and let you know that we have seen some nice volume on Graviex. I personally would like to see some more volume on Altmarkets.

Website update

We are working on updating the website. One of the updates you may notice is the addition of some advertising space on the site and on the explorer page as well. The funds produced from these advertisements will go towards our operating expenses, such as hosting fees for the website, the seed nodes, the explorer and other miscellaneous fees. So feel free to click on an ad and help the project out. (Just not to many times to soon, we don’t want to get banned.)

Staff update

We would like to remind everyone that the staff is here and no one has been paid for being here. We all work full time jobs, so while we may not be able to answer your question right away, we will help you when we can.

𝄞 Bots bots everywhere there’s bots…. 𝄞

In the last update we started a mini contest to name the song, since no ventured a guess to the song title we will extend the contest until there is a winner.

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This song was included on their second album in 1970, but not considered single-worthy by their record label, as it didn’t fit a standard pop format.

About Reload

To find out more about Reload please visit our other social channels.

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