I Developed and Published My First Desktop Chrome Extension in Less Than a Day

TLDR: I published my first Chrome Extension in Chrome Web Store! It’s a free download!

I have been watching web tutorials and Youtube videos on 1.5x-2x speed to save tons of time. It’s frustrating that the same speed controls aren’t available on Facebook videos.

So I created one that suits my needs.

It’s a small app that allows you to slow down or speed up videos on Facebook. For a tiny app, I sure learned a lot!

Yay, Open Source Chrome Extension!

The source code is available on my GitHub. I intentionally left out some features (i.e. styling, tests) so that others can come in and make their first open source contributions (besides, I suck at design lol). The app is very raw so there’s so much room for improvement (and opportunities to contribute), as it’s a first release anyway.

I’m thinking about creating a video tutorial series about the whole process. (I carefully structured my git commits to reflect that intention.) If there’s enough interest, I just might do that. So hit me up in the comments below or on my Twitter if you are interested in knowing more.

Development of the Chrome Extension tackled things like Webpack, vanilla JavaScript, JavaScript tooling, refactoring, the HTML5 video element, and the lesser known JavaScript Mutation Observer API.

The whole development took around 15 hours, with a few short breaks in between. (Contrary to popular belief, programmers need to eat too, you know.) It took a lot out of me, but it was a very exciting experience, one that I would recommend all developers should go through.

Next Steps

This will not be the last of my intended apps. I have two more in mind, one is a medium scale application, and the other I’m hoping is product worthy of building a startup with.

Lastly, I also received great news this past weekend that I’m eager to share with everyone. I’m just waiting for the official announcement.

Originally published at RemLampa.com.