All Doctors Are Not Equal

We often get the criticism that we under-appreciate the variations between doctors.

— “I’m supposed to just press CARDIOLOGY on your app, with no choice who picks up on the other end, and trust the advice this stranger gives me for my patient?”

— “Do you understand how complex and variable the practice of medicine is? And how high the stakes are?”

— “Do you think doctors are highly trained experts or widgets?”

Actually, we couldn’t agree more.

Jerry Seinfeld would not approve

I love the Seinfeld bit above about doctors. “Whenever someone recommends a doctor they say, ‘Oh, he’s the best.’ Really?” Seinfeld pauses and looks us in the eye when he levels with us: “…They can’t all be the best.”

He’s right. It’s remarkable what a difference it makes to be in a truly good doctor’s hands: someone experienced in your disease process, still passionate about her field, reading all the latest research, with the energy to go the extra mile for her patients. We started Remedy because (1) we believe there is poor quality information today to distinguish physicians by the quality of their work, and (2) we believe WAY too few people are getting care from those doctors.

(1) Better Answers by Only Asking the Best Doctors

Your choice of a surgeon or cancer doctor should come from more than PR nonsense of glossy magazine “top doctors” lists, Yelp reviews (as if doctors are restaurants), or a surrender to the random machinations of your insurance. With Remedy you don’t need to resort to that stuff.

We scour the country to identify excellent specialists. Our clinician leads have developed a proprietary vetting process that involves input from both specialist and primary care physician colleagues. After every consultation on Remedy, we track the quality of the answers and constantly refine our pool. We strengthen existing relationships too, so our primary care doctors aren’t calling strangers for long: they get to know specialists they like and work with them more and more.

(2) More Access by Respecting a Doctor’s Time

You may be thinking that the best doctors would be exceedingly busy and hard to get a hold of. They are. World-renowned specialists use Remedy because we respect their time. We made sure our technology makes the exchange of essential medical information faster and more streamlined than other electronic health tools.

Can we tell you a secret? We don’t just want our technology to outperform other electronic tools; we think we can leverage specialist time better than many clinic visits, too. No waiting room, no height and weight, no paperwork, no no-shows. We let doctors just focus on the problem and solution.

We are solving the problem of finding and rewarding pockets of great medicine. In the process, we are making it possible to leverage those talented, special doctors much further than they are right now.

We didn’t start Remedy because we think specialist advice is trivial or just another commodity service to offer through an “on-demand app.” Nor do we think our primary care doctors or their patients should have to make a leap of faith when they need specialist care. We agree with our toughest critics. We are here to bring honesty, transparency, and consistency to medicine: we are here to reward the right values in medicine again.

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