The RemodelMates! Wait…who???

2AM out here on the East Coast (the best coast). We haven’t posted on here yet, so here’s our suuuuper creative idea for the first one…FOUNDER INTRODUCTIONS!!! Without further ado:

Wa gwan, I’m…

Chad (Mr. Hall)

Co-founder, CEO

I was born in Queens, NY to Audrie + Glen. Jamaican roots. I consider myself highly-motivated and an amicable (apparently the jury’s still out on this one…zZzz) individual to be around. :-)

Fun fact #1: I went to Uniondale High School in Long Island, NY and was an All-County decathlete.

edit by Steven: I’m not sure how, because Chad is incredibly slow.
edit by Victor: Agreed

Fast forward a bit…I was fortunate enough to receive a track scholarship to UMD (Go Terps!) and chose Business Administration as my major. At the time, my aspiration was to be the VP of Sales at a tech firm. Yup, I’m a salesman at heart — I’ve been in the trenches at Aflac, LivingSocial, Indeed, Power Home Remodeling, and Long Fence and Home.

I’ve sold millions. Now I’m trying to build millions. It’s been quite the journey thus far and I’m with an awesome team…for that I’m grateful.

What do I do when I’m not selling?

  • Peruse and learn lyrics. I’m the guy that can fill in the gaps when everyone else in the car forgets the words (probably you)
  • I dance. I’m Jamaican so that’s a prereq #TrussMi
  • Tasting the many forms of cognac
  • I still run. (Sometimes)
  • Fashion

Outside of turning RemodelMate into a powerhouse? My #goals are to travel to all 7 continents, raise a family, and complete a triathlon.

Hey that’s me.
Chad out.

Sup? I’m…

Victor (Mr. Etongwe)

Co-founder, COO

I hail from Washington, DC. Born to Rita + Victor Sr. Cameroonian roots!
Fun fact #1: I lived there for 4 years.

I consider myself a rugged minimalist. Kudos if you catch my drift. If not…

I define it as living life in such a way where you take with you only what you need + maximizing your enjoyment of what you do have + a willingness to get gritty (real gritty).
My nephew Carter!

It’s the #ruggedminimalist in me that influences me to live resiliently and organized. It’s also the reason why I’m always on Chad & Steven’s case (but that’s a story for another day).

I attended UMD and majored in political science. Nope, didn’t really have dreams of becoming the next President, but I’ve always been interested in behavior and how it affects processes. My initial aspiration was actually to be a rockstar commercial real estate broker in DC. I got my hands dirty at CoStar and Bozzuto and was accepted into Georgetown for their Real Estate Development Masters program. One could say I was climbing the career ladder pretty rapidly!

Then RemodelMate happened. It’s crazy how life can change so fast, but I’m loving every moment. Ok fine…most of the moments (startup woes). But hey, we’ve come a long way and we have no plans to stop.

A few random facts about me? I like to read. I like to work out. And I love to paint. I’m no Picasso…but I have a lot of fun doing it. Maybe too much fun.


I have a lot of future #goals, way too much to list here, but one thing I’m truly looking forward to is a year-long (possibly longer) spiritual sabbatical. Until that day though…

The hustle is real.

안녕하세요! 내 이름은…


Hi! I’m…

Steven (Mr. Lee)

Co-founder, CMO

Also known as Zay (middle name). I’m a New Yorker. Born to Maria + Steve. South Korean roots! #wegotSeoul

Fun Fact #1: Chad and I used to compete against each other back in our HS track & field days — our schools were rivals…don’t ask who won.

So who am I? I’d describe myself as an adventurous soul + an extroverted introvert. Allow me to explain…

  • I’m a wanderer
  • I’m extremely sociable but I need copious amounts of alone time
  • I seek true connections. Cumbersome small talk makes me sick
  • I love spending time in coffee shops and cafés: surrounded by people, but still closed off and keeping to myself

Yeah I’m quirky. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oy its me + Vic!

Moving along…I too, attended UMD (see the common thread here?) and majored in finance + information systems. For the longest time I really thought my calling was to be the next Wolf of Wall Street (minus the scandal and drug usage of course…I’m still an innocent boy Mom).

Post-grad, I landed that investment banking gig (J.P. Morgan, Macquarie). I thought I was about to live the dream!

Said dream died. Quickly. 80–90 hour weeks filled with mind-numbingly tedious work made me go (slightly) crazy. So I left. I helped my father continue building his real estate business while simultaneously trying to “figure it out.” And figure it out we did…

The journey thus far has been extremely humbling + enlightening. And here’s the thing…

It’s NOT about ideas. It’s about making ideas HAPPEN. — Scott Belsky

When I’m not “working”? — Probably heckling Chad & Vic. Exploring random places. Chef’ing it up (I’m a part-time chef). And dealing with this rascal:

@TreTheDog (looks like our mascot Roofus no?)

Random fun fact #2: I used to DJ while I was in college. Even funnier fact? Chad was my host. L-o-l.

Apart from RemodelMate turning into the next startup success story, I really only have one #goal. Retire Momma & Poppa. You’ll never admit this, but you’re way too old to still be working.


From us:

1st & foremost — to all those who have supported our vision thus far…we’re truly grateful. Expect great things!

2nd…have you checked out yet? ;-)

#TheHomeTeam #Squad
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