GoRemote Submission Guidelines

A few things to know before submitting a story

GoRemote is a group publication featuring stories from the global community of location-independent professionals and travelers. Our contributors are past, present and future participants of the work and travel program, Remote Year.

Because writers contribute their personal stories and experiences to our publication, we see a wide range in the type of submissions. We generally have few editorial barriers to publication because we recognize that what may not speak to one person might just be the “ah-ha!” moment for another and we hope everyone is able to find a sliver of inspiration in our publication.

We value diverse viewpoints and opinions and believe that providing a platform for free expression will create a more understanding and empathetic global community. However, that does not mean we accept everything. Defamation and harassment toward the Remote Year community, or any group for that matter, will not be accepted or tolerated.

What we look for in a submission

Tell us your story — the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. Don’t feel you have to sugarcoat anything. We know that traveling and following your passions is a beautifully messy journey and we want to feel it all through your writing.

We believe that even amid chaos, honest, thoughtful and balanced reflections, ideas and learnings blossom and that’s what we believe our audience is most eager to read. We want to not only live the experience through you, but also reflect on the learnings with you.

Below are some best practices for your submission:

  1. Include a cover image. If no image is present, we will add one at our discretion (you may change it later). If you need a stock image, we love Unsplash.
  2. Article cannot be an overt sales pitch for your company or product. We are, however, happy to support your website, business, instagram, portfolio with a short one-or-two-sentence “About the Author” at the end of your piece.
  3. We do not copy-edit the articles, so please take time to check grammar, spelling and formatting.
  4. Once submitted, give us 7–10 days to review your submission. If you haven’t heard from us in that time, don’t hesitate to give us a nudge.
  5. Our editors reserve the right not to publish submissions. If a post contains what we deem to be any form of harassment, defamation, or messages that we believe explicitly contradict the spirit of tolerance and understanding that Remote Year tries to foster, we will either work with you to remove such references or choose not to publish the post.
  6. Contributing to GoRemote is on a volunteer basis and our contributors are not compensated in any way.

How to contribute to GoRemote

  • To become a contributing writer of GoRemote, email us at media@remoteyear.com. Please provide a short introduction of yourself and a link to your medium profile with the email subject line: “GoRemote Writer: Your Name”.
  • To submit your article directly to GoRemote, follow the tips on this page.

Thank you! We are looking forward to receiving your submissions and welcoming you to the GoRemote community.