It’s Time for a Brainstorm

Words from Catherine Scallen, a Remote Year Admissions Officer.

It’s Brainstorming Time!

Nothing beats sitting down and really getting at the heart of what it is you want out of life — and if you’re here, it’s likely the following:

Goal: Location-Independent Job. AKA, becoming a badass Digital Nomad.

So put on your ponder hat and get reflecting:

Current Role/Industry

What parts of my current role could realistically be done remotely?

List out your responsibilities and translate each one into a specific remote-friendly version. Example:

  • Meet weekly with Creative to go over project plan status =
  • Conduct weekly meeting with Creative over Google Hangouts; communicate on-going status updates via Slack

Tech is your BFF, so translate each bullet point into a tech-friendly version.

What are other companies in your industry that utilize remote work?
Can you take this information to strengthen your case at your company?
Are those companies hiring?
  • It will always strengthen your case if you can show that other, similar, (read: competitors) companies are evolving and including remote-friendly positions in their company culture/structure. That can also help you get creative with how you translate your own role remotely.
  • And if you ultimately get the no….see if those companies are hiring!

Switching Companies/Roles

What skill sets do I already have that can translate to a remote position, even if it’s outside my current industry?
  • Are you a project manager extraordinaire? A CRM guru? These are easily transferrable skills. Brainstorm your other ones — you’ll be surprised at how many there are!

The Big Picture

If it’s not the norm to be remote at my company, am I willing to be the trailblazer to make it the norm? What would that look like?
  • Nobody said it would be easy — often times it’s going to take a lot of convincing. Are you willing to do that? To get creative in how you approach upper management — to be persistent in doing so? If not, what other options are you going to pursue? Tenacity is the name of the game here.

Am I willing to take on a ‘less than ideal’ position in order to be fully remote?
  • See above. Going fully remote, at least initially, may require some short term sacrifices before you see long term dreams come true. Are you ok with that? If not, how can you build up a portfolio/clients/projects over the long term?

Do I know anyone who is remote/who knows someone who is remote? How can I connect with them?
  • As with everything in life — it’s not what you know, but who. Talk to people! Make a Facebook status. I was shocked at how many random high school classmates, friends of friends, etc reached out to me once I posted that I had landed a remote job. People are usually happy to share how they got there/help you get there as well!

Do I want to start my own business? Go fully freelance? Can I afford that?
  • There’s multiple avenues to the fully remote lifestyle — which one are you most interested in? Which one is most realistic for you? Be honest with yourself — the entrepreneurial lifestyle isn’t for everyone, neither is the freelance grind.

What specific, actionable items can I create today to begin moving towards fully remote?
  • Make those lists, my friend! Key word being actionable. Take everything you’ve brainstormed and break it all down into bite-size, actionable bullet points. Then, begin!

What other questions would you ask yourself? Let us know!