How Small Businesses Empower the Remote Work Revolution

I uncovered an article on the Huffington Post listing the reasons that Small Businesses are contributing to the Remote Work phenomenon. A lot of the benefits apply to any size organization, and the article lists the usual suspects:

  • Expenses — Smaller offices mean it’s cheaper to have team members work from home
  • Larger Talent Pool — Want to compete with the “big players” in large cities? Recruit from anywhere.
  • Employees Want To Work From Home — Employee retention is important anywhere. You might not be able to compete with all of a larger company’s benefits, but giving workers an opportunity to telecommute can give your small business an edge.
  • Technology Allows It — It’s a lot more technically feasible to cheaply have a remote workforce than ever before.
  • Customer Facing Businesses are Evaporating — Brick and mortar businesses are on the decline, which obviates the need for onsite help.

You can read the full article here.

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