The Rise of Fly-tipping in England

Fly-tipping is affecting people across England and is getting worse with councils spending more than £67m, (which is out of your tax money) to clean up public land when you’re probably not the person committing the crime anyway, we understand that it is not fair. The police also won’t hesitate to prosecute anyone they catch, that’s where a licenced man in van company like Removalift can help you as they collect and dump lawfully. So what should be done about this problem?
From old mattresses and fridges to tyres and masonry - and even live stock - millions of fly- tipping problems are recorded across England each year and it needs to stop. The amount of rubbish dumped illegally can be reduced by using reputable waste collection services from,,,
Local councils have been granted new powers to fine people up to £400 for "small" offences, but this depends on evidence. This leaves local authorities having to consider new ways to clamp down on those who illegally dump their waste - or try to persuade them not to do it in the first place.