Can A Trash Castle Save Your Life?

Ok, the title is purposefully misleading because at the time of me writing this, I can’t honestly answer that question. I do however know where to look to find that answer though.

My good friend and veteran Doug Thomas has looked at the world around us and has taken an honest inventory of our communities and landed on the conclusion that if there was a reason we ever had to hunker down, we’d all probably be screwed. We saw it during the LA riots, Ferguson, and even natural disasters like Katrina, Sandy, and what is currently going on in Texas.

The ability to create a temporary fortification whether in a war zone or state of emergency is vital, and his newest book Immediate Combat Fortifications goes over just that. According to Doug:

This guidebook “Immediate Combat Fortifications” is a step-by-step guide on how to build combat fortifications using natural materials and hand tools.

History shows us time and time again that man in any place or time may be in a position where they will be in a situation where their very survival hits a very animalistic point, where grit and wit bounded by readiness and necessary skills will be needed to live to see another day.

So what are you waiting for? Can this book teach you how to make a defensive castle from trash or even something better (because hopefully he has better ideas than me)?