When You Have Nothing New To Contribute

There is nothing inherently unique about my show- I follow a regular format, I have guests on, and I cover politics, culture, and current events. I can name ten other shows that do the exact same thing. On top of that I can name a separate list of ten shows that are better- and worse.

Why do it? Why contribute to the already loud pile of people dying to speak into your ear? I’d like to think my show isn’t unique, I’d like to think it’s more than that, I’d like to think our content stands out and it’s in a category all on it’s own. I can’t name another libertarian themed show that talks about comic books as often it does about the unjust war on drugs. I can’t name another show that brings on Christian comedians, anarchist podcasters, Tea Partiers, filmmakers, candidates running for office, and just Joes off the street. At the Team Republic we love our guns and our cheesy sci-fi movies.

The Remso Republic isn’t a headline chaser, because that’s too easy and far too overdone. We choose topical episodes you can come to any time and feel as if you’re listening on the conversation right here, right now. Our show is seasonal because sometimes, you need to pause and assess where you were, where you are, and where you’re going, because we vow never to compromise on content and topic quality. There are no rules in this new world of alternative media, because in the span of thirty minutes we can go from discussing healthcare reform to the paranormal. We treat our paranormal series as seriously as we do our politics and don’t skimp on the blogs either.

We admire those who are innovators and leading the way, but we also respect our audience and our competitors and colleagues too much to simply try and water down what someone has worked so hard on to perfect. A true artist innovates and thinks big, while scammers and cheats just try and jump on what they think is the winning formula.

I forgot who said it, but “everyone wants to be like you, but no one wants to work like you.” I know who those are who are trying to jump on the train to instant success, but ultimately they’ll fall off the road to victory when they realize you have to fail your way up to success.

There is no reward in selling a obviously ripped off product, nor any honor in imitating instead of innovating. When you have nothing new to contribute, why try and jump in at all?

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