The Thing About Sometimes

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Sometimes you come across my mind.

Sometimes it comes and passes by

and sometimes it strangles me,

holds me hostage and kills me

atom by atom. But that’s all it damages,

it still feels like more.

Sometimes I long to see your face.

Sometimes two years feels like five.

Sometimes I hear you in dreams,

see you face to face, I know it happened

But we ignore it because you’re here!

Sometimes I want to kiss you.

Sometimes I want to hold you

and cry, release how much I’ve missed you.

There has been so much you missed,

and I want to fill you in

and for a moment it feels real

and for a moment I can touch you

and for a moment I can see you

I can feel you and love you

and for a moment you’re there.

For a moment you were never gone.

Sometimes I wake up and remember.

Sometimes it kills me. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes I never know what I get.

It happens and there’s nothing I can do.

It happened. There’s nothing I can do,

but sometimes it feels like there is.

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