The Guardians of the Living

Groot’s reaction to latest news from Earth

It is still rather mysterious to many (not just President Trump) what is the place of human beings in the natural order. This troubled time for ecology is a great occasion to ask ourselves: why Humans?

Nature’ s best creation or its most terrible mistake ?

The path to self-realization

Men are considerably intelligent. They are smart to the point that they do not seem to have an equal in nature’s realm. Mankind has achieved so much more than its primal state in comparison to all other species. It is easy to think we barely belong with them.

In today’s world we are awakening to ecology and attempting to preserve our planet. We are building a deeper connection between man and nature. This has evolved from an almost anthropological introspective that the destruction of other species would simply be wrong and challenging to sustain.

This man might actually be nature’s worst creation…

We have not exactly solved the riddle of our existence in the scheme of the natural order. The current state of affairs is that we have caused a lot of wrong which most of us now seek to correct. Unfortunately, that effort alone does not provide a solid foundation as to why nature ‘came up’ with mankind in the first place.

One thing is clear: The further we advance to erect ourselves on top of the food chain, the more it seems that all living things are simply the resources at our disposal to power our ascension towards the stars.

And to some extent that may be true. The hope becomes that there might be a more profound agenda behind this ascent that we may someday fully grasp.

The bees, the gardener and (a lot) of pears

During one of those sunny afternoons of spring, I was wandering in my parents’ garden, looking at bees restlessly working a bush. Hundreds of them covered in this orange powder, doing what they are best known for: granting this bush a bright future (and consequently so for about 90% of all living things).

Some species are way more important than being part of the food chain

In the background of this intense team work, I see my father with his funny straw hat. With his large scissors, he is shaping a pear tree he planted many years ago. Patiently, he is making sure diseases don’t spread. He channels the tree’s energy into the right branches and abort those who wandered too deep in the shade. Last year this tree produced so many pears the entire street in our little town turned into an ongoing pie and jam contest.

Suddenly it hit me.

What if humans just like bees were in fact a central piece of nature’s plan?

Sure, the planet didn’t wait for humans to accommodate itself with both the unsuccessful, the old, the dead and the living in a well-known closed circle. Bees had it easy(ier) when we were not around. But humans are not necessarily an intrusion to this order. Chances are that just like nearly every living thing out there, we serve a higher purpose.

And that is to ensure that what lives also survives in its best possible form.

Mankind, the gardening species through space and time.

Men are unique in their ability to transcend the primitive patterns of most life forms. This means that we are able to shape, correct, protect or enhance the living beyond its own deterministic possibilities.

Beyond selfish purposes, such skill takes a much higher meaning if you consider very plausible long term planetary cataclysms that life simply can’t recover on his own. A global volcanic eruption, a meteorite, a massive solar eruption at any time all life could simply cease to exist. Human and its technology however might have a say in this and save the day for many.

Almost did the job last time!

I would push the idea even further.

Whether you believe life is entropy at its best, it is undeniably expanding everywhere it can.

If you want to dig more in this fascinating theory about how life could fit within the laws of our Universe, I recommend this article

All at the same time, the way species rely on each other to survive is not an innocent design. When one of them takes on new territories a sustainable ecosystem must follow.

Human ambition is consequently not a mistake of nature. Quite in the contrary, life is looking at the stars through humans’ eyes. We are meant to colonize more than just our planet. And when we will do so we will need to bring our entire ecosystem with us. We must unknowingly realize an unprecedented leap forward for the living, seeding various organisms in uncharted parts of our universe.

Potatoes on Mars’, featuring Matt Damon

Dormant Heroes of Nature

The meaning of our existence starts to make a lot of sense in the perspective of life’s relentless effort in the propagation of the living. If we come to fully comprehend ourselves and the role we can play in this effort, we will begin to take other species more seriously, if not actually as our most profound responsibility.

Until we find this deeper understanding, our presence on earth comes with the cost of considerable damages that we might not be able to correct.

As a conclusion and throughout this short article, I do hope to trigger in you a sense of purpose. Beyond work and daily life, we can all take pride in our higher duty and start acting as the true guardians of all life forms.