Web fonts are a key factor in a web page design and their use is following strict guidelines as regards readability : contrast, size, shapes…

All that is over now !

Obstruction is a design process that aims to highlight something (in our case, a text, a logo or a tagline) by partly hiding it.

A short overview of web design rules transgression (for our great pleasure)

A logo that gets on your nerves

A nice video and an intrusive logo just here to tickle your eye. Designers were evil enough to center key details (like faces) inside logo’s shapes. I am sure you will remember the name of this company !

One of the mockups of the soon-to-be-released greenpeace.fr

At Greenpeace France, we are working on a new website. We are now finalizing design and I would like to share with the Planet 4 fellows some of the UX guidelines we followed.

Benchmark, but not only NGO’s websites

Greenpeace needs to talk to environment specialists as well as people who don’t know much about ecology. An online newspaper faces the same problematic: it will be read carefully by a movie critic (only cultural section) and someone like me who reads only the international headlines, tennis results and pick up at random a local news (while talking on the phone at the same time). Obviously, a…

Renaud Bessières

Web consultant, Paris, France

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