Renaissance Engineering Team

We wanna introduce our team members with their features:

Cagdas Yilmaz:Co-founder,civil engineer,soccer addict,blockchain enthusiast,business developer,wants to leave a works to be remembered in the world and change the game’s rules.Age 31

Gizem Gonen:Only women in the team,who collect the team,hypercritical,creativity all of the women abilities meet at Gizem.Our interior design’s get out of her hands.

Burak Kus:Mechanical Engineer,blockchain maximalist until 2020,married,age 36,feeding a lovely dog.Our strategic relation’s created by him.Fixer.

Sitki Annakkaya:Civil engineer,he is our best field chief,all our technical operations will be controlled by him.indispensable.Age 34,single.

Mustafa Ulusoy:Physicist,playing bass guita in a band,developer,still trying to adoptation blockchain technology,can’t hack facebook account but can create a website in a ten minutes.We trust him all about web and blockchain solutions.

Osman/Aka Gandalf:Fan of lord of the rings.Mysterious personality.Our advisor.When we can fıgure out,go and ask gandalf.He show the way us.God bless him.

Emre Ulucam:Our money controller,economists,football coach,33 age,married,have a child,between numbers his feels are good,fall in love with money.So he is a Waves holder too because of money love.

Umut Aydeniz:Civil engineer,our member which is in the street and field.He can solve every problem.Duty man.Tell him and relax it will be done.Age 32,single.More than 14 year experience.

We will be hire more technical member from Europe in a month.Our team age average is not more than fourty,we have a dreams,ambitions,intelligences,knowledges.Believe this can mixed this features with blockchain’s revolution.All of us believe that : “World can be better.

Renaissance Engineering Team Members