My Thoughts On Medium

Medium Logo

In the past, I contemplated on writing articles that can be strictly found on Medium (You can read about it here).

Now, I am the type of person who likes to keep promises.

So, I am going to do another article on Medium.

All right then; I might as well get cracking.

Medium Has A Clean Look

Honestly, I like the way that Medium looks; it has a very clean-looking interface — one that allows the author to concentrate on his or her writing (So, two thumbs up for the folks who created Medium).

The biggest irony is, that I thought that it was too simple-looking when I first signed up for an account on Medium.

Today, I appreciate its simplicity.

I have also noticed that there are minimalistic-looking themes for the blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress.

Anyway, Medium went with the minimalistic look and a large number of writers seem to ardore that particular format.

I Would Prefer A True Comments Section

Although the members of Medium can comment on the articles of their fellow authors, I would prefer a traditional-looking comments thread; something that is similar to what is on WordPress or Weebly.

But, I do not think that Medium would ever dream up the concept of creating a comments section that most authors (or bloggers) are familiar with.

Hey, I swear to God, that if Medium had such a thing in place, authors (or bloggers) would have been more interactive with each other.

At the moment, I would love to comment on other people’s articles, but I do not want it showing up as a story in Medium’s feed (As far as I am concerned, stories are stories and comments are comments; they should not be merged).

What about you?

Would you like Medium to come up with a proper commenting system?

Hey, I know that I do.

There Are Importing Issues

In my past post entitled: What Is Going On With Medium?, I discusses my annoyance with having to reformat imported articles.

Now, why should I have to reformat my damn article when it was already formatted on my blog?

Some of you are probably having this issue, while some of you are not.

However, Medium made it clear to all of its members, that there are the available options to preview and format articles before posting.

So, Medium has made it somewhat easy for us writers (But, reformatting long form content is a royal pain in the ass).

Medium Cannot Replace My Current Blogging Platforms

Yes, I am being totally honest by stating, that Medium is incapable of replacing the current blogging platform that I am on.

And, since I brought up the topic of blogging platforms, I am currently on the Blogger blogging platform; it is a blog in the tradition sense and it comes with everything that a blogger would ever need.

Now, no offense towards those of you who have chosen to use Medium as your primary place to blog.

I have noticed, that there are a few people in my tribe on Triberr who use it to blog (And, I always found that sort of thing interesting; a person using Medium as their blogging platform).

Search Engines Love Medium

I have noticed that every time I searched my name on Google, my writing space on Medium shows up (Now, that is a good thing; it grants people the opportunity to get known).

So, that in itself is proof, that Medium is a good place for an author (or blogger) to publish their content.

Medium, I totally respect you!

Final Thoughts

Medium is not without its flaws.

However, I have to admit that it is a great place to publish my articles (Despite the fact, that it is unable to replace the blogging platform that I am currently on — Blogger).

Also, I am very eager for a traditional commenting system on Medium (Maybe, the powers to be on Medium would consider my request).

And, I am convinced without a doubt, that Medium is a great place for writers.