The Psychological Mindset Of The Patient Blogger

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The blogger who possesses lots of patience, is usually the one who stands the test of time. And, the blogger who is devoid of patience, is usually the one who would most likely quit blogging if they do not get positive results right away. Are you a patient blogger? Or, are you filled to the brim with impatience? If you are the patient type of blogger, there is a very high chance of you doing well (Even though things may give the appearance of one fighting a losing battle). And, if you are impatient by nature, you might as well learn to develop some patience; because the survival of your blog is dependent upon it.

The Patient Blogger Knows That Every Blogger Does Not See Success Right Away

It actually took my friend, Al, an average of two years, before he saw some progress with his WordPress blog (Any other blogger would have discontinued blogging, wrongfully believing that blogging was not for them; especially if they did not see any signs of progress within the time-frame of two years). Yes, two years, is quite a long time to stick with one’s blog until success comes knocking on their proverbial door; I have actually witnessed bloggers abandoned their blogs, in a few weeks’ time, because they felt as though success was far from their reach. If you are new to blogging, I would strongly suggest, that you do not lose faith in your blog; your time will eventually come, once you continue blogging. When I first started The Chronicles Of Renard, I had very little views; but I did not let that stop me; I maintained the vision of my blog being a successful one and it came into fruition (Thankfully, some of my fellow bloggers who were in the habit of following me on WordPress took the liberty of supporting me on Blogger).

The Patient Blogger Is Willing To Start Fresh On A New Blogging Platform

Now, I am not saying that it is imperative that bloggers should start another blog on a new blogging platform; I am merely highlighting the fact, that it is possible for any blogger to start a new blog on any blogging platform and turn it into a successful one (And, it takes a whole lot of patience to transform a blog on a whole different blogging platform into a very successful one). Although The Chronicles Of Renard started off as an experiment to see if the blog site, Blogger, was worth blogging on, I was patient enough to see it excel (And, it surpassed my expectations; I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was getting more views than my blog over at WordPress). For the record, it actually requires more patience to turn a blog on Blogger into a successful one than a blog on WordPress; but I did not let that fact scare me. Like any new blogger, I had to go about building a readership on Blogger from scratch. Some of my friends who were on WordPress were quite sceptical about the idea of me starting a new blog on Blogger, because their first blog was on Blogger and it did not do well; they only tasted success when they jumped on the WordPress blogging platform (the biggest irony was, that I had experienced the same thing with my first blog on Blogger — Renard Moreau Presents, when it was migrated to WordPress) and I was heavily determined to make my blog on Blogger succeed (And, I possessed the patience to turn that dream of mines into a reality). I want to set the record straight, that this article is not about WordPress being better than Blogger or vice versa; it is about being patient enough to make your blog a successful one, despite the fact that the odds are against you.

The Patient Blogger Chooses Their Layout Carefully

The nice part about being patient is, that you would have planned the layout of your blog’s theme in advance; you would know the appropriate spot to place your widgets, sharing buttons, and organize everything within your sidebar without ever going overboard. Why go through all of that trouble? Because, you want your readers to have a positive user-experience and if your readers are unable to find their way around the blog, it is going to affect your blog negatively. So, dear friend, I truly hope that you possess enough patience to plan out the layout of your theme quite well.

The Patient Blogger Would Personally See To It That High Quality Content Is Uploaded To Their Blog

It is imperative that we all have high quality content on our blog, because our readers are not going to take us seriously if we were in the habit of uploading substandard content to our blog. Everyone that I know has a high appreciation for content that is of a high quality (As a matter of fact, it is human nature to gravitate towards things that are of a high quality; for example: many of us like food, clothing, shoes, cars and electronic items that are of a high quality). So, dear friend, if your blog contains articles that are of a high quality, it is going to have a very large incoming traffic of viewers (And, that is the sort of thing that you want for your blog). Also, it takes a lot of patience to create content that is of a high quality. Do you possess the patience to create high quality content? I hope that you do, because your readership depends on it.

The Patient Blogger Goes Out Of Their Way To Learn All They Can About Blogging

For starters, it requires having lots of patience for a person to learn all they can about blogging, because the process actually involves spending more hours than you could ever imagine learning about how to blog effectively. And, why would a person want to do such a thing? Because, no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement. Only a very naive blogger (or a very stupid one) would believe that they do not need to further their knowledge about blogging. Believe it or not, the best blogging experts are always learning.

The Patient Blogger Would Take The Needed Time To Promote Their Content

A wise blogger once specified, that twenty percent of our blogging process was spent in content creation, while the other eighty percent was spent promoting our content; a lot of new bloggers do raise an eyebrow when they finally realize that it takes a lot of time to promote their content (And, one of the best ways to do that is via social media). When I first started blogging (which was many years ago), I never shared the articles on my blog via social media; I eventually realized that I was not taking advantage of a good opportunity to promote my content. We cannot expect our blog to go viral if we are not willing to promote our content. Do you have the patience to promote your content? I hope that you do; because the effort is going to payoff for you.

The Patient Blogger Will Find The Time To Comment On People’s Posts

Everyday, I spend at least thirty minutes commenting on the posts of others (And, there are times when I have done it for one straight hour). Yes, I would admit that commenting on other people’s posts for the time period of thirty minutes and over requires lots of patience (Well, thankfully, I enjoy commenting on posts that were uploaded to the blogs of various bloggers worldwide). Also, commenting on other people’s posts is a great way to attract readers to your blog (In most cases, if you were to leave an intelligent comment in the comment section of someone’s blog, they would check out your blog and leave a comment of their own in the comment section of your blog). Unfortunately, too many bloggers have underestimated the true power that lies behind commenting on someone else’s blog.

The Patient Blogger Will Locate Or Create A Video That Relates To The Content Of Their Post

Some bloggers are into the habit of adding a video to the end of their article; it is usually one that is in connection to what their article is all about and if they are unable to find one online, they make one of their own. And, in most instances, articles that are combined with videos that are related to it, tends to acquire lots of views. Although the process is somewhat time-consuming, it is worth the effort. Also, finding a video online that relates to your topic, or making one of your own that highlights the points in your article is something that requires lots of patience. And, why would a blogger choose to add a video in a post with an article? Because, it simply enhances the experience for the viewer; making it a very worthwhile one.

The Patient Blogger Will Write Until Their Words Form A Sensible Article

One of the most important aspects of being a blogger is, making writing a habit of theirs. I genuinely believe that a blogger should write on a daily basis. And, why is that? So, writing can eventually become a full blown habit for him or her. Also, anything that has established itself as a habit for a human being will no doubt become second nature for them. Since we are not obligated to post everything that we write, it is okay to simply write for the fun of it. On many occasions, I wrote articles out of the blue; I chose a random topic and I started writing; I did not stop until that article of mines was finished (And, I believe that you are capable of doing the same thing; provided that you give it your best shot). Writing is not difficult; it is just that there are times when we are not in the mood to do it. The secret is, to become heavily addicted to writing; which would result in having countless articles waiting in line to be uploaded to your blog. So, if writing is not a habit of yours, you can work at it until it is formed into a habit (And, that my friend, requires lots of patience).

The Patient Blogger Would Do The Research To Find Out What Types Of Posts That Their Readers Like

Currently, there are a lot of bloggers who are only concerned with updating their blogs; they post lots of articles and it is not necessarily the type of articles that their readers are interested in (And, that sort of thing can cause a significant drop in views). Therefore, every blogger should make it a priority of theirs to find out which types of posts are getting the most views and this can be done by checking out our dashboard; preferably the stats section. Our readers are always hinting to us the type of material that they would like to see from us; but unfortunately, many of us are not patient enough to conduct a research. If you neglect the desires of your readers, your blog will pay the ultimate price; which usually involves your readers going elsewhere to get what they want.

The Conclusion

The mindset of a patient blogger is an interesting one; because they are the type of people who do not give up easily. They will do what is required of them to excel in the blogosphere (And, they do it without manipulating others). Also, patience is one of the requirements for learning and where blogging is concerned, there is lots of learning involved (And, you and I both know that the learning never stops). As far as I am concerned, we might as well become patient bloggers (provided that we have not already developed a high level of patience); this would allow us to grow and enable us to become better bloggers on the whole.

Originally published at on September 5, 2015.

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