The interior trends of 2016

We present to you a list of trends that are predicted for 2016, and that you should definitely pay attention to in the next several months. We will also show you how you can fit these suggestions into your interior.


1. Metal objects
The superstar of 2016 when it comes to materials are going to be metals thanks to their ability to add glamour and sophistication to every space. Add warmth to your space by using pink gold or copper, or add elegance by using silver or chrome. A great way to use silver in your interior is through the use of silver details, for example, you can have silver Aluminium blinds which will add elegance and sophistication to your interior.

The main difference in this and the previous trends of metal use is the flexibility of combining. Don’t hesitate to use one metal as the central element in a space, and another one for some other form of decoration. 
2. Sustainable design
Trends in culture have always had a great influence on design, so we can expect a lot of ecological elements in interiors in 2016. Just like sustainable elements have been successfully used in architecture, their form and function perfectly fit in modern homes. It’s important not only to use elements that look nice, but also reduce the damage done to the environment. 
Use natural elements in your interior such as wood or rock as they are the easiest way to achieve your goal. Whenever it’s possible, use Artisan products. They are far less toxic to the environment, but they also last a longer time.

3. Natural prints
This trend implies the use of patterns that can be found in nature. In 2016, decoration inspired by plants will be very popular. As is the case with every design style, it’s recommended that you use it moderately, especially if it is powerful patterns. 
To make sure your interior isn’t too out of place, use these prints on only, two or three elements in the room.
4. Geometry
If you’re searching for creative solutions for interior decoration, the easiest way to make an impression is to use geometrical shapes. The interest for such a design is actual an elongation of a trend inspired by the 70’s.
The great characteristic of this trend is that it can work with any style or design. If you want an ultra modern look, pick furniture or lighting elements that have a very distinct geometrical style.

5. The color blue
Every year has its color, and 2016 is no exception. Intense shades of blue such as cobalt, navy or royal blue are the right choice for this year. These shades can be used easily in the interior, and it all depends on how much you want them to stand out.

For those who want to create a relaxing atmosphere in their interior, the right solution is to paint their walls blue. Blue shades can be used in a more discreet way by having some decorative element or piece of furniture in blue.

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