La Trattoria de Mambrino

As you open the doors to La Trattoria, a fresh breeze and mint aroma will instantly hit you. While you are escorted to your table, you will feel the calm and elegant ambience as though you have entered a spa. It’s quiet, yet you can still hear some small chatter from close by tables. The menu is laid out in a way in which each page is labelled by entrées, antipastas, meat, fish, pastas, and pizzas, giving you the perfect way to find what you are craving.

To begin with, you order a fresh out-of-the-oven piadina. This thin piece of bread is crispy on the outside, but warm and moist in the inside. To accompany it, the waiter comes by your table with a fine bottle of rich olive oil and drizzles it onto a plate with added sea salt for extra flavor. As an entrée you choose a light burrata salad consisting of arugula, caramelised peaches, fresh prosciutto, and the most special ingredient, an exquisitive and soft mozzarella which’ll melt in your mouth, all dressed with a rich balsamic vinaigrette dressing.The moment you take that last bite, will be the moment you realize the reason behind this high-priced food. The infused flavours of this salad are raging your taste buds, leaving you with the urge to try more of their gourmet cuisine.

As you wait for your main dish, you glance around the restaurant and take a small moment to appreciate the artwork. Beautiful photographs of women are hung on sky-blue walls, giving the room a graceful and uplifting feel, not to mention a sophisticated style. The service is simply exemplary, your food arrives quickly and the waiter is always attentive to any requests you may have.

Your main dish arrives on a neat, white rectangle plate, where sautéed shrimp lie, marinated with a creamy red wine and tangy sauce, accompanied by a small-portioned baby arugula salad with fresh tomatoes, topped with a light balsamic vinaigrette. You take that last bite of the tasteful shrimp and know right away you have come to the right place.

Most people leave restaurants full and sometimes having to open the button of their pants, but La Trattoria’s menu was designed in a way where you don’t feel the need to stuff yourself, instead you eat fine food that will satisfy your belly. Food that is not deeply fried and greasy, but made with high-quality ingredients. Aside from its cuisine, the soft music surrounding the restaurant will release the stress you’re feeling, giving you a marvellous 1-hour meal experience that you can’t refuse. Buon appetito!

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