The one and most effective productivity hack no one talks about.

After reading and practicing everything about productivity and yet not being productive, I’ve decided to ask my 86 years old grandmother how she had managed to accomplish so many things despite her physical limitations. Her answer blew my mind.

😩 The problem with all these productivity hacks and tactics

Pomodoro, the one thing, paretto law, blocked timeshare , musics, meditations, and so on. I am not saying they are wrong, but if they are not applied in addition to the one thing my grandma talked about, you might not be productive.

What I want to say is that with all these tactics you are trying to control with your conscious mind how much you produce. And since we are trying to control, it means that we are afraid we might not finish things. We don’t trust our ability to finish things. I bet you already know her answer.

👵🏼 Her answer was..

Me: “Grandma, despite all of your physical limitations and age, how can you manage to accomplish so many things on time?”

and she replied: “BECAUSE I BELIEVE”

We all know how powerful our unconscious mind is. We all know how powerful the power of believing is. And we all know how many great leaders and visionaries have applied believing to their success. And yet we forget to apply it.

Most people use imagination to their longterm visions, their ultimate goals, but forget to use it to accomplish the small things that will lead to them.

Believing means trusting yourself, the universe and the people around you that your tasks will get done. And believe me, they will.

💭 How to believe?

Simple. Imagine yourself accomplishing on time the task you have set. And instead of “to do list”, let’s start with the “to imagine list” first.

Every morning, imagine how you will accomplish each and every task you have decided to accomplish. And let you unconscious mind and the universe help you.

✅ I will accomplish X until Y, “Because I always accomplish what I decide to accomplish”

Instead of the “to do” and the “I will do” which means “doing” (always doing) and not finishing, change it to “accomplish”. Change your words, change your behavior.

Because I always accomplish what I decide to accomplish”. This is so empowering. Suddenly you have the control to finish things. Suddenly you are not dependable on the hacks and tactics. And this will build a mindset of being an accomplisher. Once you have an identity of being an accomplisher, things will get done.

🙋‍♀️ Believing in others

How many times managers try to control their employees? We know the answer. This is the same story: Lack of believing.

Instead, managers could co-imagine with their employees. Praise and celebrate their accomplishments in order to create an employee collective mindset of accomplishers. And never ever doubt on their employees power to accomplish things.