The Philanthropic Ventures Foundation’s Grant Programs

In 2012, Rene Boisvert founded the nonprofit organization, Taking It to the Streets, which is focused on raising funds for those suffering in poverty. Rene Boisvert previously served as the board advisor for the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF). PVF is a Northern California based community foundation specializing in its maverick style grant making. Boisvert’s non-profit was inspired by PVF’s business model and it’s leader, Bill Somerville.

Founded in 1991, PVF works to move philanthropy in a more effective direction. Since its inception, the organization has raised and donated more than $119 million to philanthropic organizations worldwide. PVF also has several unique grant programs of its own. One of the foundation’s unique programs is the Teacher Resource Grants Program which seeks to improve public education by financially empowering educators.

PVF and it’s staff our nationally recognized experts in creative grant making.