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Hi Violet,

Advocacy doesn’t always mean physical participation. Your articles bring a much needed conversation into a foreground here, and whatever discord or disagreement might be triggered, even if casting a light on apathy, it is always preferable to silence. I missed the unfortunate situation with you that arose before, catching only a snippet from Meg and Heath and for what it might be worth, especially when it comes to such inflammatory kind of exchanges, I’d like to share an insight I gained from my own experience of standing up for what I believed was right; be of a situation, not in it. By this I mean, not to absorbed into the emotional whirlpool (never easy) but try and remain a witness and a window through which, others might alter their preconceptions: Remaining responsible and accountable always to oneself first. If others cannot fathom it, it is their dilemma to confront. Absorbing the punches of others’ ignorance or prejudice is never healthy. I found it helped me maintain clarity and focus and allowed me to learn from everything, without my own ‘baggage’ in the way. These days I intentionally strive to travel and engage with a discarded past, save for all the grace of knowledge I gain from experience and even that I hold in abeyance except for distilling by learning. The greatest challenge to change is any entrenched mindset by which dignity is often the first to lose currency, especially when prejudice is so much cheaper.

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