It is the right time for the ‘New man’ to emerge.
Ashutosh Jain

AJ and smokey, Please treat yourselves to Octavio Paz’s “The Double Flame”; a goregeus book on the history of eroticism. it explains our current ‘demise’ with candour and erudition. I believe new man might read ‘new human’; for as Paz’s determines, what has gone lost, is our ‘soul’. Without its rediscovery, reinvention or redemption and re-placement as a core human value, no amount of ‘new men’ will count for very much at all. Dignity is innate to soulfulness and in having allowed a soulless century to unfold into this one, it is more than compassion or charity that will nurture this world back to its natural state of grace. We have let go of our humanity and are beginning to discover at what cost.

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