Songs for a Diva

In Memoriam Daniela Dessì, May 14, 1957 — August 20, 2016)

“Novecento Italiano”. Auditorium Parco della Musica Roma. 2013 © Musacchio & Ianniello


the sky breaks; falls to pieces to the sunrise

scattering light against the anvil of sudden black

muting colour edges of my collapsed horizon.

feathered to the fall of rain and my eye loses the moon

to the hush . . .

when doves cry.


born to the valley of the moon, the flame of all flowers

lit the fragrance of our dreaming; within this thin line

between the eyes of souls, that you reveal me, by the note

— against the glass silences shattered in the sand, defunct,

by which I now drown, dry. you found my desolation.

And gave it back to me, as I am:

… broken.


she lived between the staves; dissolved.

and men came and went with effortless

affection. she fell into ink and sound

to spread the word…

bound for its late flowering.


of mud and sky, it’s the air between breathing

bright the luminosity of your smile; wild of eye,

in thought, of heart, be wilder still

– beguiling me, of you. . .


An impeccable voice lives on …

1987 Berlin. Guiseppe Verdi from Requiem: Finale. “aeternum Libera me”