Reminds me of my childhood lived mostly in the library… Bookshops might be rarer for a while but if…
Renée S

Hi Richard, I grew up at a time when ‘money’ wasn’t the social framework among youngsters that it is today and it’s tough to watch the impact a have/have not context has on youngsters. Imagination is an endangered state of mind which makes the real joy of losing yourself in the pages of a book a lost art to the saturation of snapchat and Instagram videoclips.

I think Libraries should be mandatory to every childhood. :) As far as I am concerned there is no shame in poverty, only shame in allowing the world to be poorer for it by all the unfulfilled talent that is the highest price paid for not eradicating it.

There is a true story of children in a small rural village in northern Zimbabwe that refused financial for food; they wanted the money spent on books — even though they still have no classroom. They are more starved of knowlege than they hunger for food. And all we seem to care about is income of digital books. These kids don’t own a plug in a wall ‘between’ them.