Just Writing, Elliot
joanna elm

Joanna, I very recently opted to try out Medium having radically thinned out my previous online presence. The thing about stats is that it is generated by algorithms; article profiles are bumped upward toward the broader light of day by other user patterns such as tags used most frequently and other parameters. Our mistake is that the framework of our personal account of stats is shaped by old world reasoning as to why something is read or recommended; an emotive basis in the interest to read it. This is why content driven writing is the curse of writing proper and why the likes of you and I are left stumped and at a sort of emotional loose end in the puzzlement that ensues. There are others here who have written about ignoring the stats, to stop chasing the conjured idea of relevancy or likability. Also on platforms such as this we are being read by other writers more so than by a generalised readership, another profiling conundrum: that of expectations we set of ourselves and others by being here. I have posted and erased pieces reposted here from elsewhere as soon as it became clear to me, I’d set myself up for my own tail-catching. I changed profile name and began again, not with a publishing agenda or any for that matter, but to create an online body of work that is representative of me and part of that is becoming a reader of others, and less of stats. Hope this offers a different perspective by which to reconsider things a little.

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