it all starts with bullying, including adults bullying children and eachother, showing tender minds this is how you deal with people weaker than yourself.
With all the upsetting news flooding in over my transom recently, I’ve been sitting with the…

Meg, I understand what you mean about ‘dealing’ with people weaker than oneself though I question it generally; yes, that is how the dysfunctional behaviour manifests but as to what underpins it— if it is a lashing out against their own incomprehensible sense of weakness and impotent inability to deal with the root issue, feeding that need to express a destructive kind of malevolence, on others? “Strength” in defense of its inner weakness is not strength, it is impotence. Strength needs nothing but the humility of self-recognition. Bullying is a mark of deeply engrained insecurity and bitter dislocation of the self with itself that comes from abuse of its own, yes. I wonder too that bullying behaviour feeds off a hollow justification and illusion that it gets off scott free — which of course it cannot: the price on the psyche and the soul is paid one way or another over time.

Cultivating societal soullessness is what feeds a beast already feeding off its own hollow victimology in respect pf the larger picture perhaps. And in that case, the result is a simply push of the first domino. I wonder that the answer is not so much ‘mindfulness’, as it may lie in the necessary teaching of Dignity all over again.