Monthly Gratitude Card Collection

Selection of Artwork for APRIL 2017

Peter John Streve, The Miniaturist

A. The Dancers (1984) Acrylic & Gouache on board. 11.7 x 14.5cm

THE DANCERS is the featured artwork for April. You are free to select from the others, if you wish, a work to be the print with the individual ‘reading quote’.

The alphabetical listing is simply to make your choice allocation simpler to track and collate for printing purposes.

A. The Dancers

B. The Sleepers

C. The Rider

D. Expectation

E. Feast

F. Cadence

G. Solitude

B. The Sleepers (1984) Acrylic on board. 11.9 x 14.5cm
C. The Rider (1984) Acrylic on board. 11 x 14cm
D Expectation (1985) Acrylic on board. 8 x 10cm
E. Feast (1985) Acrylic & Gouache on board. 10 x 12 cm
F. Cadence (1985) Acrylic & Gouache on board. 10 x 12cm
G. Solitude (1985) Primed Acrylic on board. 10.7 x 14.6cm

These images unfortunately have lost brightness and clarity when the uploads were saved here: they are brighter and richer than reflected here.

When you submit a nominated person to receive the Gratitude print, you’ll be personally contacted regarding the reading which is done with i-ching oracle reading; something I have been practicising for thirty odd years.

As these readings are personal,and individual, any synchronisity it might have with a current life situation and the story surrounding it, is something you can choose to voluntarily share in the print catalogue “Stories of Kindness” which will come out at the end of the year.

The Gratitude Card Collection of a choice of four, from the artworks below can also have i-ching reading quotes attributed and are offered on request. The card can either be single double-sided cards or folded as a greeting card.

The ordering, confirmation and shipment is done elsewhere. Further details are available directly: