Right on :)
Heath ዟ

Now I have to dig out my one cat on the piano… :)) Heath Houston. I had a three legged black an white cat, with a black “yamulca” between his ears. A beatuiful feline : Named him Moishe; exceptionally musical. He loved jazz and hated bad singers. Once a singer came in for a lesson and he was seated on the floor next to the piano. He watched her enter, put her bag down and his body posture began to change, ears began to flatten, hair rose on the scruff of his shoulders, his eyes narrowed, and as she moved to the piano and briefly did breathing exercises, he shifted from his place, as if about to set in a hunter-haunch and arched his back. He stayed immobile in that position as if he knew exactly what was coming. As soon as she opened her mouth and let out the first scale, which unavoidably hit the air with its heavy handed, yet loose vibrato, Moishe lept at her and screeched, before scampering out the room, not to be seen until later in the afternoon. It was a voice he simply could not abide. It was hilarious to watch.

On the other hand he adored Jazz and some red wine. He’d taken to sauntering up and down the piano keyboard, whenever the lid was up, creating musical lines. I discovered his fondness for wine when he once helped himself to a pawful from my glass and then sauntered off with a tipsy swagger and either sit or lie in front of the speakers, ears back and listen to Coltrane, Bird, Monk, Davis, Ellington. He had a thing for Weil too; it was quite extraordinary.

Here is an old pic of the three curled up together

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