This is an incomplete thought, but I’m gonna just spit it out anyway, make of it what you will.
Gerard Mclean

Oh Gerard, I remember sitting in the dining room of a very small Swiss hotel. It was July 1971. The broadcast of the lunar buggy and the crackling voices of Irwin and Scott mixed with Mission Control sent goose bumps down my young spine and thinking, in all my awe at this startling, wondrous achievement, at the absurdity of bottling water and selling it and how horrid a sign of the times. It turned out to be the hottest summer in Paris in decades and it was my first encounter with water pollution. Hotel bathrooms had signs not to drink the water, the Seine was a death trap. Suddenly bottled water seemed very clever to my young mind; though look where we are now… paying for carbon footprints and buying stars and ‘natural’ food…

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