Predicate of my unmade bed

Between two doors, Verbs lose their footing. Sultry air of undressed Nouns: Scented Syntax. Labyrinthine skin. adverbial base notes kissed into laughter

and forgetting. Time tucked under prepositional vases, potted on the steps of your wounded house. shadows joke and exit blindfolded. Love makers

left to the candour of city walls, handwritten of two in dark colour; green phoenix. Proverbial. Joy tossed through windows, falling to strange sunsets.

Love exceeding doors. Need pluperfect. Chestnut and black: Ancient stones wishful. A present tense with a predilection for walking behind me.

a foothold, ahead of me. Barefoot noun. Pavements too crowded for the predicate of my unmade bed. empty me of love, so that I may sleep.