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#001 5 Not Weird Vegan Breakfasts (ME001)

mindful eating in 2018

Renee, what can I eat for breakfast that is plant based, preferably vegan and NOT WEIRD?

I love my friends!

I love that they can ask me anything and talk about anything. Especially when it comes to food. I’ve been in a kitchen “working” for close to 50 years now and one common thread woven through recipes, the people and the food is community. Being together to sustain life. Be it sharing a potato, a box of mac and cheese split over 4 people or a feast . . . we come together to “break bread” our “daily bread”.

The friend that asked me to write this article on vegan breakfast is from high school. I was happy that they reached out AND that I could help. I am honored to share in their community and I’m honored that you are here — we are all connected.

Blessed by Breakfast Backstory

I wanted to write an amazing cookbook titled “Blessed by Breakfast” but like so many things in my life, I find the joy in doing them and not in documenting them. I’m slowly changing that. You can read a bit of the back story →here.

Breakfast 1:

This is my go-to breakfast.

Breakfast at the cabin.

Coffee, toast with Earth Balance “butter” and local jam. It works for me. I don’t like eating a big breakfast. Most days I begin my day with a glass of water, feed the animals and birds, walk the dog, have my first cup of coffee, get everyone (humans) set for the day — then around 9 or 10, I have another cup of coffee and toast. Maybe half of a grapefruit if I’m missing my Uncle Ross — the only breakfast he ate 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 of an English muffin and coffee. I’m not sure if Uncle Ross was mindful or had OCD but he lived a long healthy life.

Breakfast 2:

This is my on-the-go breakfast.

The green drink makes me feel radiant.

Banana, spinach or dinosaur kale — the only kale I can choke down — and orange juice. I use Minute Maid Kids for the extra vitamins.

This is the only smoothie that I like. I’ve tried 1000’s of recipes. Most I thought were disgusting — this is the only one I drink. I have tried putting a protein powder in and it was just ok. I like it better without.

In this very, very old blog post I explain kale and have a teaching video.

Breakfast 3:


Out of the bag.

Sometimes I add a wonderful almond milk or flax milk. At the moment I’m using this festive egg nog inspired almond milk. It is delightful.

Breakfast 4:

Mixed veggie fritatta

As a plant based house we have lots of veggies in the fridge at any given time and we have little bits of left overs. 1/2 and onion, 2 peppers and one mini tree of broccoli. How I actually end up with all these bits is a mystery but it happens.

I almost always have a bag of hashbrowns in the house. They are cheap and easy to use in countless ways.

Heat a skillet with a bit of olive oil or vegan butter that is specific to sauteing — add the hashbrowns, add the raw veggies on top, cook for a bit until the hashbrowns are crunchy on the bottom (this takes longer than you think, don’t rush the potatoes!). Flip the fritatta until the raw veggies are cooked to your desired crunch.

As the hashbrowns cook they created lots of steam which cooks the veggies on top. You could cover them but they won’t be as crunchy on the bottom. It may take a few tries to figure out how you like this dish.

Breakfast 5:


Walnuts, raspberries and a few drops of Michigan maple syrup.

It’s not gross and mushy. Or as Shel Silverstein wrote, Gloppy glumps of cold oatmeal.

I actually make a mix of oatmeal and mueslix. So it is a nutty, seedy, dried fruity blend of wonderfulness in a bowl.

I top it with in season fresh fruit or my kitchen mainstay the organic banana.

Add Michigan maple syrup.

Hemp seeds.

Cook it in almond milk vs. water. Cook it in the eggnog almond milk — oh gosh wouldn’t that me phenomenal?

almonds, mango and love in a handmade bowl.

Plant Based made super easy

It is easy for you to be blessed by your breakfast. How wonderful to begin your day honoring your body, the earth and the animals. To begin to think about where your food is coming from, how it was grown, who picked it . . . who put it on the shelves at the store? Who is cooking it?

You are a beautiful divine being. Say that out loud with me.

I am a beautiful divine being.

When you feel that in your bones . . . it may take years, you will begin to see that beauty in everything.

We begin our practice of being mindful or blessed by breakfast — one meal at a time. We continue our practice one mindful moment at a time. Realistically we may mindful moments infrequently BUT as you increase your awareness and desire to be mindful . . . they increase. We choose mindfulness.

Renee is an essayist focusing on mindfulness, motherhood and menopause.

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