I’d love to hear more about this premise (how, why, etc.)
Ashley Stevens

Ashley Stevens more about being rigid in my parenting or how I’ve evolved?

When I was merely trying to get pregnant, I did everything by the book. I was a bit extreme because I didn’t have any role model for how to be a mom.

I think that is the tipping point in motherhood — when you stop being the mom that everyone and everything (advertising) tells you you should be and just be the mom that makes your heart sing.

People have roles they engage in, work, hobbies, home, quiet time — when we are fully engaged in each one while we are doing it, we have no regrets.

Even when I was the outer expectations mom I was fully engaged but not happy, my heart didn’t sing.

When I became the mom that I wanted to be . . . my heart sang AND I no longer felt guilty for spending my time in other areas because I knew my heart was in the right place — FOR ME. I own it. It is mine.

I just gave up a dream job I interviewed for because it didn’t align with my non negotiables. I have zero regret.