Gem Stone Meanings

Have you ever been drawn to a certain stone? Like Amethyst or Turquoise? Maybe Jade? The color or the shape calls your name or pulls you in for a closer look?

In my work as a Mala maker and jewelry designer I work with clients with certain goals or who are seeking a certain opportunity for their highest good and the good of others. We look at the beads and gemstones to see what they are drawn to intuitively and then we look at the meaning behind the gems they pick.

Not surprising the very situation they they are seeking guidance for, the gems offer meaning and clarity. If I hadn’t experienced it myself many times I would be suspect. I believe when we tune into ourselves, nature guides us.

The following is a list of gemstones and their meanings, if you would like additional information about malas, meditation, mantras, come visit my website Joyful Jewelry Designs.

Quartz: Focus. Ground. Clarify. Get clear and get moving.

Black Jasper: Ground. Protect yourself against negativity or in risky situations. See the future, and bring it into being.

Carnelian: Calm. Center. Breathe. Feel into an acceptance of your new circumstances.

Rhodonite: Find your talents. Uncover your destiny. Use your gifts to bring change in your world.

Green Aventurine: Be confident. Feel light. Radiate optimism. Approach your new situation with ease.

Russian Amazonite: Express yourself. Set boundaries. Resolve conflict. Create right relationships with those around you.

Serpentine: Stay true to yourself while adapting to change. Be protected during times of vulnerability or transformation.

Sandalwood: Find emotional balance. Clear negative thoughts. Enhance meditation practices. Center, calm, and expand your consciousness.

African Jade — (African jade is actually a grossular garnet — so I left off Green Garnet below, because they are basically the same.) Believe in abundance. Live in gratitude. Heal your lack mindset and manifest prosperity.

Rose Quartz: Connect heart with mind. Know you are loved. Open yourself to self-love and other-love.

Blue Goldstone: (This is actually a glass product that’s been around for a couple centuries. Because it’s made from sand, which contains quartz and minerals, and has exhibited these properties over time, it is usually included in gem healing books or on websites.) Enhance empathy. Enrich your intuition. Call in career opportunities and attract fame. Uplevel!

Green Garnet — see African Jade above.

Garnet: Attract order. Enhance understanding. Increase self-confidence. Open yourself to the wisdom of your heart and mind, combined.

Tiger’s Eye: See clearly. Create mental clarity. Enhance physical energy. Propel yourself through obstacles or hard times.

Turquoise: Listen, know, and act with total integrity. Surround yourself with protection on all of your journeys, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Jade: Envision. Grow your ambition. Commit. Realize your dreams as all good energies flow through you.

Red Jasper: Cocoon yourself in safety. Energize. Unleash your creativity through the combined energies of Earth and Sun.

Yellow Jasper: Eliminate worry and stress. Enhance tranquility. Protect yourself and build endurance for your physical journey.

Hematite: Calm your blood and body. Integrate your past experiences. Powerfully and practically manifest your vision for your future.

Unakite: (This is a Jasper.) Recognize old patterns. Let go of old habits. Express, release, and heal deep-seated emotional wounds.

Lepidolite: Accept yourself. Feel inner peace. Forgive yourself, and move on.

Smokey quartz: Ground. Clear your aura and energy fields. Gain access to other realms and enhance your psychic abilities.

Peach Aventurine: Raise your optimism, determination, and decisiveness. Take action to overcome obstacles and move through challenges. Become the leader you know yourself to be.

Red Dyed Coral — I don’t think that has anything but . . . Nope!

Moonstone: Balance emotions. Accept cycles. Enhance intuition. Accept endings and open yourself to new beginnings.

Labradorite: Expand your mind. Expand your consciousness. See beyond your current reality to the limitless possibilities available to you.

Apatite: Deepen. Communicate intuitively. Create. Enhance your spiritual practices, and open to “Aha!”

Kyanite: Relax and lighten. Build bridges, within and without. Unify aspects of yourself in one integrated whole.

Lapis: Know yourself well. Strengthen self-belief. Claim yourself as royal. Claim yourself as divine!

Sodalite: Recognize patterns. Understand yourself and your choices. Radically accept yourself. Be guided on your inner journey.