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Anne Peterson

Kids are so fickle. One day they are “on” apples and the next day, they are “off”. On special occasion days I add something sweet but not everyday. For the first day of school I always add something that they never get — like a KitKat bar! (sshhhh don’t tell.) On their birthday I send it something special or send in a happy birthday napkin.

One thing I do but didn’t mention is I write them a love note everyday. Everyday. Or it could just be a hand drawn heart. Something small to let them know that I’m thinking of them while they are eating lunch. My oldest, I send him a text each day during his lunch and if I don’t . . . my phone starts buzzing.

Kids thrive on having a safe place to go back to — especially a mental safe place. When school gets crazy my kids can all close their eyes and have a moment to reset.

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