When your baby dies: Miscarriage and Abortion

One minute you are not pregnant. Your life changes. One minute you aren’t. Your life changes again. In my personal experience and by speaking with 100’s of women when your baby dies, the flood of emotion from this life changing event is overwhelming. Every single woman I spoke with has her OWN story, her OWN way of healing and in time her OWN way of moving forward. It is a deeply personal experience.

There is nothing more amazing than the miracle of creating life. To have the Creator choose us is both an honor and a responsibility. Just incredible.

This charm honors the time that you and your baby spent together. It is rather simple. You had an incredible experience–two souls sharing one body. Honor that time. Let circumstance fall away. Honor that time.

Have you ever spent time with someone without frill and fanfare? Maybe a quiet dinner or a silent walk in the park holding hands? That is what we had with our babies that were never born. We had the opportunity to bond with a soul in a profound fundamental way.

This charm honors life, loss, acceptance and the process of moving forward. We never forget but transform our experience into our life’s lessons.

if you know someone who has had a miscarriage–> please share.

“The wound is the place where light enters in.” Rumi

Overwhelming sadness.

Mourning the life that could have been.




When we honor a moment in our life we are transformed, letting go and opening up to new possibilities.

Be Blessed.


I create jewelry that honors your journey — it may be joy, sorrow or the healing that happens . . .

Originally published at joyfuljewelrydesigns.com on October 26, 2015.