What’s the Deal?

There is this really funny phenomenon that takes place every time I take my son to meet Players from the S.F. Giants. He is always super excited. He loves to collect autographs and take photos with them. He is totally enthusiastic about going. Then two seconds before he meets them he gets so shy. I mean like a Jeckel and Hyde type situation.

I can’t help but wonder why. They are usually very nice. Most of them really try to take a minute and talk to him. But he clams up. He becomes mute. He smiles and nods. And then he runs away as fast as he can.

I always remind him how nice everyone is. I even make jokes and keep him entertained until it’s his turn. Nothing seems to work. Well except for that one time he met Buster.

Now one would say Buster is one of the more famous members of the Giants. And for some reason my son had tons to say to him. He told Buster that he shares a birthday with his older brother. He also went on about how he and Buster’s younger brother both have the same name. It was actually really sweet.

And until today he has such great memories of that day. Which begs the question, why does he get so intimidated by the guys that are less famous?

I will probably never figure it out. Doesn’t mean I will stop taking him. But maybe one day he can put into words what happens when he sees players up close.

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