Why is Being Happy so Difficult?

I was bored the other day, scrolling through some social media, and I came to realize something. Nobody is every happy these days. The pictures and posts I see are so depressing. And even if they look happy, they follow up their “story” with comments like “I never usually do this” or “we can’t normally afford this” or “but I really deserve this”. What’s with the justification?

You are happy? You did something fun or fabulous? You went somewhere fantastic? Great! Leave it at that! Why do you need to explain away your happiness? Can’t people just enjoy it? Why do you feel the need to explain it?

I recently had a conversation about Disneyland with several different people. I mentioned that my family enjoys it. Oh boy was that a mistake! I got hit back with “I’d go there but who would spend money like that” or “we don’t believe in amusement parks” and “we would rather vacation somewhere that is worth the money”.

Really? Disney is packed every single day… so I’m guessing people can spend the money. Also, since when is an amusement park part of a belief system? And worth the money? Don’t you decide what is worth the money? If your kids have the time of their lives and can’t stop smiling, and you have also have a great time, isn’t that worth it?

And for the love of all things good in this world, can people stop putting other people down when they are share their happiness? It’s old and worn out. Enough already.

If someone shares the fact that they just splurged on a new car, great. Be happy for them. Don’t say, “ it’s nice, but I would never do that” or “I didn’t spend that on my car”. If a family gets to experience something amazing like dinner at Benihana’s, don’t crap all over it by making comments like “I would never take my kids there” or “it’s too expensive to eat at a place like that for no special reason”. And when your friend shares the pictures of their honor roll student, congratulate them and be proud of them… it doesn’t matter that it’s not a top rated school and it’s only 5th grade!

Life is short people. Take what you can get when you can get it. Love your family. Love your life. And if you splurge on something enjoy it. And don’t listen to the chatter. Because in the end it doesn’t even matter.

Just be happy. However and whenever. Find happiness. Choose happiness. And please stop trying to destroy someone else’s happiness.

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