Benefits of A Commercial Solar Panel

Solar panels are by far the best way to save on electricity cost. With so many options that claim to cut down the bills, solar energy has proven to be the best method time and again. Especially for business that run on high electricity cost.

Solar Panels are now becoming a necessity for businesses. According to a report, about 650,000 installations took place in the United Kingdom’s in 2014.

The number of installations was doubled as compared to the installations made a year before.

The reason why business owners opted for commercial solar panels is only due to the cost. Solar panels systematically brought down the entire electricity cost by offering free and renewable energy to homes and businesses.

In our search of sustainable energy and helping the environment, solar energy brought us closer to the nature. Sunlight, which is available in abundance is the primary source of panels. The photovoltaic cells on the panels capture the sunlight and draw energy from the source. This energy is then used in our homes, offices and workstations to fulfill the electricity requirements. The stored solar energy inside the photovoltaic cells makes sure that the system runs 24 x 7 and you never face electricity crises ever again.

The cost of solar panels have relatively come down over a couple of years. This is directly proportional to the demand and supply of these solar panels that has increased from the day. Moreover, the conventional cost of electricity has increased over the years.

Apart from reduced electricity bills, there are many other benefits that come with Commercial Solar Panels.

1. Reduced Carbon footprints:

Carbon dioxide in excess is harmful for the health. Conventional systems like boilers and radiators are said to increase the carbon level in the atmosphere. However, the use of solar panels can help you reduce the amount of carbon footprints. So, get solar panels installed in your commercial space today to help the environment.

2. Stability in the electric supply

Solar power is free from fluctuations and you can experience a stabilised power all year round. The stored energy in the photovoltaic cell makes sure you never suffer from loss of energy. This is great for commercial use as it reduces the cooling overheads in summer time.

3. An ultimate projection of green values:

Your business credibility increases when you project green values with your business. When there is an option to go green, buyers always prefer a system that protects the environment. So, installing solar panels is good for revenue in both ways.

4. Reasonable Returns for your Investment

The initial cost of installing solar panels can be recovered in few years and you are assured to get reasonable returns according to the investment you made. Thereafter, you can enjoy free electricity or minimum charges on your bill. This is very helpful for business owners who are looking to cut down overhead expenses.

Feed in tariff for your commercial solar panels

Commonly termed as FIT, Feed In Tariff is a government policy plan that helps business owners in the United Kingdom to enjoy renewable energy by decreasing the cost and encouraging business owners to use methods that benefits the environment. This policy was first introduced in Germany and it lead to the installation of roughly 30 GW of solar PV, including a remarkable 2GW in the UK. In today’s date, about 63 countries have opted for solar panels. The use of solar panels now include an extended part of Europe too.

The FIT plan is simple. You are only charged for the electricity you use in your premises and all the energy you did not use is supplied back to grid. This drastically affects the numbers on the bill and you only pay for what you consume and not for something that was produced. The FIT is financed by your energy provider and the implementation of the FIT means that a return of 10% — 20% is now possible on investments in commercial Solar PV systems in the UK.

Renewables Levy Exemption Certificates.

Another way to save money on electricity bills is with Renewable Levy Exemption Certificate. Business that use energy products like electricity, natural gas and LPG currently pay the Climate Change Levy tax. The current charges are £5.24/MWh on the energy sources they use.

When you install a solar panel in your commercial space, you can save yourself from the CCL tax, provided that the system capacity is between 50kW and 5MW. You are exempted from the current rate of £5.24/MWh on the energy sources.

Charities and non-business organisations are also exempted from the Climate Change Levy tax.

Get in touch with us at Renewable Energy Hub by simply filling up a form. Our sales team will contact you to set a suitable time for meet-up and inspection. We will arrange a site survey to make sure the installation process is easy and a value for your money. We will also tailor the design to your power needs and roof capability.

We know maintaining a solar panel installation is vital if you want it to last the distance, though because it has few moving parts this should be relatively low over the 25 year lifetime.

Contact our experts today to learn about the various purposes and applications of Commercial Solar Panel System.

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