Keep your Indoors Warm with the TG® Radiant Active Heated glass

Nano Fires have always served a great application in textile, medicine and construction industries. Due to their high surface to weight ratio they display distinctive properties than other nonwovens.

With a diameter less than 1 micrometer, the applications of Nanofibers have now went beyond the ballistic and chemical protection. However, people have been reluctant to use them in the thermal industry, they have set new benchmarks to the heating standards in the near future.

Nanofibers are now being introduced as the Radiant Active Electric heated glass that is capable of emitting heat with intensity of up to 80 °C. They have a unique property of thermal transfer that help in keeping the surroundings warm, on a cold winter day.

The strong, lightweight Nanofibers come with all new thermal properties to keep your indoors warm and cosy everyday.

Nanofibers have always been one of the crucial parts of the textile industry, however, their introduction in thermal heating represents the future trend of heating the modern buildings. This low density fiber has a very tight pore size that dos not allow anything to enter its surface. For the similar reasons, nanofibers are also widely popular in the filtration applications.

How it works?

The nanofiber sheet is a totally transparent conductive layer that covers the glass surface and works as a heating element. Though they are applied on a conventional glass, they display unique property of insulating the indoors and keeping it warm even when there is snow inside.

The nanofiber layer act as a thermal insulation that allows you to get maximum comfort in your homes. You can also use this nanofiber sheets on the glass walls of the conservatories without worrying about condensation or thawed snow and ice.

Larger Windows, Better Comfort

If you always wanted to have larger windows, this high-performance TG® Radiant Active heated glass will let you enjoy the comfort of sitting near the fireplace, when you near your window.
 By keeping the temperature control in your hands, you can change the room temperature from 25 to 80 °C at any moment.

Visual Comfort in your Indoors

With this latest nanofiber technology, now you don’t have to worry about condensation as the thermal glass disappears the fog in no time. Also, this gives you an opportunity to enjoy the snow without getting cold near the the windows and the walls.

The Major benefits of using the Thermal glass in your homes:

  1. A great source of heat : The thermal Glass is a great source of receiving heat. The large surface area and its quality construction make the TG® Radiant Active glass the best heating source in modern buildings.
  2. Exclusive thermal comfort : The temperature in the UK drops down to 0°C in the winter season. It gets nearly impossible to sit near the windows due to the cold weather.
  3. Preventing Condensation : Radiators have been a conventional choice in homes and work spaces. However, most of the times they lead to condensation on the glass surface. With the TG® Radiant Active heated glass, you will not have to worry about the dew as the glass remains completely transparent.
  4. Removal of Snow and Ice : The TG® Radiant Active heated glass takes care of the uniform defrosting of the snow and ice on the glass surface.
  5. Safety : The electrically conductive layer can be used as sensor connected to a security alarm. The TG® Radiant Active heated glass is a tempered glass that will not shatter, if broken. One can also use the unbreakable TG® Triplex Safety laminated glasses for extra safety.

Technology Used :

The TG® Radiant Active inner glass is a glass layer that is connected with an electrical circuit to act as a heated glass. A huge variety of insulated glass at Thermal glass has made it easy for the consumer to choose according to their requirements.

All TG® Radiant Active insulated double glazing and triple glazing are hardened and manufactured using the latest technological procedures which meet technical parameters comparable with the best glasses on the market.

Comparing the technical parameters :

The monitored factors with TG® Radiant Active double glazing and triple glazing:

Ug = heat transmission coefficient / g = solar factor — indicates the total transmission of solar energy through the glazing / LT = light transmission — rate of visible light coming through the glazing

Double Glazing:

+Higher light transmission

+ Lower purchase price

+ Lighter

– Higher heat loss

Triple Glazing:

+Lower Heat Loss

– Higher purchase price

– Heavier

– Lower light transmission

Where can you use the TG® Radiant Active heated glass?

The areas of application of the TG® Radiant Active heated glass are limitless. You can use the Active heated glass anywhere in your home or office. Let’s have a look on the other areas ‘where you can use the TG® Radiant Active heated glass:

  1. Windows and doors : From large french windows to balcony doors, the TG® Radiant Active heated glass can completely change the way look at windows.

2. Conservatories : If you love to spend time in your conservatories but feel too cold to be their, the TG® Radiant Active heated glass makes it possible for you to enjoy the weather and chill out with your friends.

3. Pools : Hotels and Spas can keep the pool area warm and cosy to give their guest a pleasant experience.

4. Roof windows : Snow can be harsh on your windows. The superior strength quality of our tempered glass gets you all ready for the winter season.

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