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Alex Díaz


You are right the mysteries of the Universe and Mediums is cutting edge as we peer over the Cliff’s Edge into our very Existence! Sometimes there is no Rhyme and Reason and we are left in Limbo !Picture this : We see ourselves on a Precipice Cliff Hanger Scenario like in the Movie of our Lives! Picture frame by Picture Frame we are warned and told by a Inner Voice what will unfold!

We will be shocked and surprised! Angry and in Denial! But we must listen to these Mediums even though it may sound Ridiculous and Fool Hardy at first to hear what they have to say!

Later in life as we have faced trials and tribulations, suffered and survived the ordeals in our Lifes’ Journey! We will look back and chuckle at how that Inner Voice has guided us! Even though we were Cynical an Suspicious at First! Asking ourselves could it be an Inner Demon or the Devil Himself trying to lead us astray!

As the Epic Quote “ The Truth Will Set You Free” ! We will be guided by Unknown Sources and it will be Puzzling at First!

Trying to unlock the Deep Mysteries of the Universe and God ! We are only on the first stepping stone of knowing the Wonders of our Existence as Human Being!

To know Medium and Entities will take a Lifetime ! As we are only a tiny Grain of Sand in the Vast Sandy Beach on the Edge of the Vast Ocean of our Existence!

With our thought provoking Inner Wisdom we can now share with others the Awe Inspiring Kodak Moments-The Times of Our Lives . When we were given the Opportunity to improve and better our own Legacy of Life ! To improve our standing in Society by taking the right pathway to the ‘Road Less Traveled’ ! Even though the dirt track is Narrow and Uneven in the Beginning ! Later we look back like “Pilgrim’s Progress at our Journey’s End!

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