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This article is meant to be an overview of some of the methods used to convert your fiat currency to DRIP. This article assumes the reader has familiarity with crypto wallets, exchanges, and purchasing and swapping cryptocurrencies.

[Note: For a more detailed article, I’ve written a complete start-to-finish, step-by-step guide that walks the reader through the entire process of getting started in DRIP. That article is geared to someone new to the crypto space. You may find that article here: How to Purchase DRIP Crypto — a New-to-Crypto Beginner’s Guide]


In short, DRIP is purchased using BNB (BEP-20). However, when…

Stop looking at the Dollars, look at what really matters. Photo by Cryptozoa

When you see the price of DRIP displayed on the DRIP Network’s swap page (a.k.a. The Fountain), it is shown in terms of the ratio of BNB (Binance coin) to DRIP. In other words, how much BNB does it take to purchase 1 DRIP.

How sustainable is the DRIP Network?

One of the first questions I’m asked when explaining DRIP’s 1% daily returns is,

The short answer is that daily DRIP rewards are paid through taxes on transactions on the network, and total returns are capped at a maximum of 365%.

From the DRIP Light Paper:

Baby steps…

At the bottom of each DRIP crypto-related article published on we list the steps necessary to get started in DRIP. These steps read:

Looking for a high-yield CD-like product? You might want to consider DRIP Network and its Faucet product.

But before we get into DRIP and Faucet, let’s start with some CD basics…

What is a CD?

“Interest rate premium” is the key term here. Because you are agreeing to leave your deposit with the bank for a fixed period, the bank…



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