Renting In Shanghai

Renting in Shanghai is not easy. New York has always been known as a minefield for tenants looking to put a roof over their head. Shanghai is quite different and offers up different challenges. The first thing you should know is it is better to come to Shanghai, stay in a hotel and find the right place. I cannot stress this enough. If you rush you will be taken advantage of. After finding a nice place to live you often get a sneaky agent trying their luck. Well I guess the rent is too cheap so in 3 months it will increase by 15%, thats cool right? Just the perfect question to ask as you hand over a 1000rmb booking fee.

Another one is hidden fees. I was personally sent home demented after the loopiest scheme of charges I had ever witnessed and I’ve traded derivatives for gods sake. So usually it should be rent and bills. Sometimes there will be a maintenance and cleaning fee which is fair enough. But never pay a management fee, this is to be paid by the landlord. This is a popular way to decieve potential clients with a fair price that turns out to be very high after all the management fees etc. Be especially careful if you are told you can get a free months rent if you refer a friend to the agent. Sounds like a ponzi scheme.

Renting a Villa in Shanghai

Renting a Villa in Shanghai is a great way to make a perfect family home for you and your family. There are villas for rent in West, Central and East Shanghai all with their own benefits. Villa compounds are loved for their facilities for example Shanghai Racquet club in Western Shanghai has an amazing club which makes it easy to socialise, play with your children and get to know the neighbours. Most if not all Club houses contain indoor swimming pools, card rooms, childrens areas, gyms and sports fields.

Pudong Villas

East Shanghai known as Pudong ( East of the HuangPu river ) has a thriving international community complete with schools, shopping and entertainment. This is the home of Lujiazui which is where the Shanghai stock exchange, CBD and the famous supertall towers. Transport links are not so great out that way so it is better to have a car or driver.

Central Villas

Villas in Central Shanghai are some of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the world. With their fantastic period features, historic significance and famous tenants it is easy to fall in love with these great properties. Right in the Centre of Shanghai is a great place to live. Even though Shanghai is home to 25 million people these homes help you to find peace and quiet. Upside is that the Shanghai transport system is on your doorstep, downside is that International Schools are mainly out in Pudong or further west in Qingpu.

West Shanghai Villas

Some of the most sought after villa compounds such as Forest Manor and Shanghai Racquet club are based out here along with plenty of great international schools. Around 19km from downtown Shanghai you would be better off driving into the city when needed.

Renting Apartments in Shanghai

Apartments are a great choice for your home in Shanghai. Often time Expats are used to living in houses and don’t like the idea of renting an apartment in Shanghai. While it can take time to get used to it is very convenient to live in an apartment complex. The vast majority of Shanghai Aparment complexes has excellent security and facilities. So you can have a great community feeling here in Shanghai. Often Apartment complexes has great club houses with Gyms, Pools, etc. just like Villa compounds.

Townscape Housing Shanghai

If you are looking for a top notch service do not hesitate to get in touch with Townscape Housing Shanghai. Rent an apartment in Shanghai with ease thanks to their great staff and keen negotiating skills. Give them a price, location and other needs and they can find you the best places to live in Shanghai. Currently they are updating their website so drop into them at 55 Chang le road and find your new home. You can also call em at (86) 21 5161 9783.

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