Shanghai Rental Market 2015

The Shanghai Real Estate market can be a tricky beast to deal with. To help you here are some trends we are seeing in the Shanghai Real Estate market for 2015.

Rental Prices in Shanghai 2015

Winter is the slow season for renting in Shanghai. Especially among the expat community. Expats usually want to be at home for christmas and have children in school so they often don’t want to relocate in the middle of the school year. Our prediction is a slow increase in rental prices picking up throughout the year. Part of this reason is the surging Shanghai stock exchange but reasons behind this will be laid out in the trend explanations further down.

New Developments Vs Renovations

Here in Shanghai we are seeing a move away from new developments. It stands to reason that if there are less new developments then the rental price will increase. Constrict Supply and the price will increase. To counter this and to cash in we are seeing renovations get more and more popular. At Townscape Housing we love old buildings and don’t want to see them in a state of decay. We want to see amazing period buildings brought back to life with a beautiful touch of modern convenience. We are taking on more and more renovation business so if you want to improve your home in Shanghai and need some building work done, please do get in touch.

Downtown Convenience

This is a trend that I believe matches both the above trends. We are seeing a price increase over the years and also renovations become more popular. So we are seeing people who actually work away from the centre of Shanghai but want to live in the former French concession area of downtown Shanghai. We think this is because people know that if they pick up a property for 10,000 per month it will proably go for 15,000 per month in a years time. Also Renovations are making it more comfortable to live in old buildings.

International School Areas

International School areas are still strong with expats as they offer a gated community in Shanghai. This makes life and relocation from abroad a little easier. Some of these buildings are looking a little old so in a strange turn we are seeing people who would have usually only gone to a gated community. They are often moving into direct renovations in Downtown Shanghai.

Townscape Housing Shanghai

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Shanghai please check out their listings. Townscape Housing provide a personal service to people looking for a home in Shanghai. They understand the market so drop into them at 55 Chang Le road and discuss your options.

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