5 interesting places to visit in Warsaw, Poland

Places to visit in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, which consists of rich cultural and historical heritage, but at the same time it will surprise you, how entertaining and fun it can be at the same time! Keep your eyes open and enjoy! RentMama Car Rental suggests, — visit these cool places to get the most out of Warsaw!

1. You probably won’t miss great Lazenk park, because it is located at the very center of Warsaw, and it’s 76 ha large. This park isn’t only a wonderful place where to go out for a picnic, but it is sort of an architectural wonder, as it has been made by such famous architects as Merlini and Kamsetzer. Go there and enjoy at least some of many gardens, sculptures, as well as, visit some great events full of culture, science and entertainment.

2. If you are not a history-freak, still, it might be a good idea to look into the history of Warsaw and Poland itself, as it is quite interesting. Try visitng Warsaw Uprising Monument, which tells a story about Warsaw’s uprising during the WWII. If you decide that you are more interested in this story, you might as well visit Warsaw’s museum of uprising.

3. National museum of Warsaw is the largest ar museum in Poland, and its collection is made for over 150 years. Museums hold about a million of paintings, sculptures, graphics, drawings and other objects. RentMama Car Rental can assure you, — visiting this museum will give you an amazing perspective of history and culture of Warsaw!

4. Castle of Culture and Science is the highest building in Poland. Some people think of it as the symbol of Soviet occupation, however it is really something to visit at least once, as it is the 8th highest building in EU.

5. Copernicus Science Centre is excellent place, where anyone and everyone can feel some great scientific vibes and make some fun science experiments. There you will even have a chance to feel what it feels like to be an astronout on the Moon!

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