Долина смерти пройдена. Мы вырастили аутсорс команду, получили крутые кейсы в портфолио и вышли в стабильную прибыль. Я расскажу, что мы вынесли из этого опыта, почему таки полетело, и какие задачи стоят перед нами сейчас.

Наши предыдущие статьи про душещипательную историю бравых технарей на вольных хлебах, которые покинули уютные компании, стабильный оклад, соц. пакеты и всякие плюшки посмотрели под 80К раз, больше сотни голосов, несколько сотен в избранном:

Прежде всего мы наконец-то подтвердили гипотезу, что наша техническая…

And how we are still stuck in waterfall thinking (most of the time)

Am I agile enough?

Nowadays “agile” sounds somewhat close to “meditation”: everyone talks about it, common sense states that it’s good for you, however there is no ready-made recipe for it as it’s more about the lifestyle than particular action and thus the number of methods it can be applied in is only limited by the number of people applying it. Let’s see what it takes to go through all the discussion around agile and understand the actual meaning of it in practice.

Going through numerous opinions on the web, you might encounter several points of view that can be surprising and even confusing…

How slack-like communication results in project’s success

Hiring an outsource team for a project is like being in remote relationship: all it takes is good communication. Well, we all know how it goes…

Kind of outsourcing :)

However, this knowledge is not always put into practice as one regularly hears about outsourced projects failing. Being outsource team, we’d like to share our perspective on what it takes to be on same page with your outsources in hope that some of these observations might help maintaining the bridges between you and the “guys out there”.

First of all, let’s figure out when do you need to start thinking about proper communication with…

Artificial intelligence is rocking.

We are Russian outsource developing team founded back in 2012. Basically, we are a group of coding friends who formed a company in order to work on interesting projects in great ambiance. It is going well so far and at the moment we are one of the most professional and dedicated Russian outsource developing teams specializing in native iOS/Android apps development, B2C and B2B web solutions and other products.


now let’s win-win | developing team

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