Best Practices(Non coding ) Android development

Many of us have already been following best practices for Android development. But what we generally miss out is non-coding best practices which are of equal importance as best coding practices.

Now what do I mean by non-coding practices here :

  • Attend developers meet as many as possible.
  • Give tech sessions for what great you have been building up , you never know whom it might help.
  • Follow some great code camps, whichever medium you are comfortable with .I am already following few on medium.
  • Watch out for Google I/O, it is always a great learning.
  • Make new great connections .
  • Take out time apart from just doing your regular job and payback to Android community , that is also an important job.
  • If possible create your own channel if you are fond of speaking :) and invite people to it .
  • Do write answers to people’s questions on Stackoverflow if you know it.They are one of us
  • Watch out for new apps in market and try to analyse them , what different they are doing in Android .
  • If you have build up some thing which you think might be useful for others , open source it.
  • Do not hesitate to mention the awesome job that you are doing in LinkedIn..
  • Keep learning…….and make others learn.

These are the few of the many non-coding practices which should be part of each developer.