Europe Multiple Sclerosis Market and Forecast

Europe multiple sclerosis market potential is of more than US$ 5 Billion by 2022. But only more than half this market is expected to be actually achieved. This huge difference between actual market and unmet market is due to gap between number of patients who require multiple sclerosis drugs and number of patients who are receiving disease modifying therapy.

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Orals mode of administration is Fast growing disease modifying therapy in the European region

Orals mode of administration is fast growing disease modifying therapy in the European region. Injectables and infusions multiple sclerosis therapies are steadily losing their ground in the European market.

Germany is the clear winner in the Europe multiple sclerosis market

In the Europe multiple sclerosis market, Germany is the clear winner, but its losing its market share year on year. The other important markets in the European region are France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

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Europe Multiple Sclerosis Market, Patients By (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) By (Injectables, Infusion, Orals) published by Renub Research on Multiple Sclerosis Market. This 86 page report with 73 figuresand 1 Tables provides 5 Countries: actual and unmet patient numbers and market. This report also explains multiple sclerosis disease modifying therapy (DMT) mode of administration.

  • Actual Market is the current market which is already present
  • Unmet Market is the market which can be accomplished; but it has yet not been accomplished due to demand and supply gap. At present DMT receiving patients are less than total number of multiple sclerosis patient numbers.

Top 5 Countries Multiple Sclerosis Market & Patients Treated

1. United Kingdom 
 2. Germany 
 3. France 
 4. Italy 
 5. Spain

Mode of administration — Market & Patients Treated

1. Injectables
 2. Infusions
 3. Orals

Key Questions Answered in the Report?

  • What is the Europe multiple sclerosis market and its growth potential in near future?
  • How many number of patients treated by disease modifying therapy in the European region?
  • What is the multiple sclerosis market in European countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain)?
  • How many multiple sclerosis patients living in European countries?
  • Which mode of administration (Injectables, Infusions, Orals) is gaining more popularity?

Table of Contents:

1. Executive Summary

2. Europe Multiple Sclerosis Patient Numbers (2011–2022)

3. Europe Multiple Sclerosis Market (2011–2022)

4. Europe Multiple Sclerosis Population Share (2011–2022)

5. Europe Multiple Sclerosis Market Share (2011–2022)

6. United Kingdom Multiple Sclerosis Market

7. France Multiple Sclerosis Market

8. Germany Multiple Sclerosis Market

9. Italy Multiple Sclerosis Market

10. Spain Multiple Sclerosis Market

11. Growth Drivers

12. Challenges

13. Appendix

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